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       Joshua M Peterson is a remarkable vocal artist, song writer, pianist, and record producer that is being recognized for his soulful distinctive voice. He has been compared to Micheal McDonald of the Doobie Brothers by top music producers and engineers. He has worked with numerous musicians throughout the United States and others as inspiration.


From 1997-1999 he toured the East and West coast with gospel choirs. In the Summer of 2000, he performed 14 live concerts in Spain with the group, One Voice. As a young man, Josh played for Westgate Chapel and North Sound Community Church in Edmonds , WA. He since has followed friend and director Alan Skoog from 1997 to present. As Josh continues to study and master classical techniques; his friends and family love that he is known as a multi-genre artist.

Joshua went on to serve in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 just after 9/11 where he fueled jets on the flight deck.


Joshua grew up in the greater Seattle area working for Boeing . He is married and has two sons whom he loves with all his heart.

Now the proud owner of his entertainment company OUTSIDE THE BOX, LLC. Joshua’s passion is music. His songs and melodies are the heart and soul behind his debut album City Boy Lost in a Ballad World.

In the meantime, Joshua "Jpete" Peterson 

has been working hard to master his music and spending many hours in the studio producing upcoming projects!

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