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Gods Of Music - By Ramie Graham

"Joshua Peterson's music creates a beautiful atmosphere at the opening of his playing. I loved your colors and the suppleness of your phrases. You had wonderful tonal variety throughout the movement. Your playing is so detailed and refined! Most artist pedaling detracts from the song but not in this case; as all was so beautiful. Lovely changes of texture that you handle with such grace!" We look forward to your next song! 

Biggest Fan! - Tami T. Tonasket, WA. 

I was up half the night listening to your music! JPete definitely has what it takes!

Natural Talent - Kenny S. Normandy Park, WA.

I've personally had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Joshua "JPete" Peterson play the piano live, but did you know he can sing, play the piano and write music notation and lyrics!!? That's true natural talent in today's world where most artist come up short in the music industry.

He brings a new perspective to music and i'm a big fan! 

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